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Each APPACH is unique, made in France, for you, by hand and guaranteed. You will always see, even for a similar model, a different APPACH, yours. It can be personalised for wooden cases.

The photos you see are therefore not contractual for the reasons explained above. Thank you.

Appach en Cyprès


I am a biodynamic therapist and my approach is to make this object, which is the « stetho », an object enriched by professional experience, thus more adapted to our daily practice of listening. In addition to knowing what I’m talking about in terms of the stetho, I favour the link by taking care of the relationship between us. I know the importance of stetho in therapy sessions so I am present and responsive if you need it. Stiv  :o)

The name APPACHOYA comes from the idea that the American Indians are much closer to listening to life than we are in the West.

In fact, APPACHOYA is the French acronym for :
Amplifier of Psycho Peristalsis and With a Certain Habit We Can Get There!  :o) Then « electronic stethoscope to listen to psycho-peristalsis… »… it’s complicated… The name APPACH therefore also seems to me, in spirit, more appropriate to our profession : Listening.

The names are borrowed from the original Apache, Lakota, Navajo, Mikmaq and Cherokee dialects. The Kará model means « listen ». Another point, in general, I try to improve APPACH with my experience, electronics, feedback from my colleagues and especially my imagination… Starting with the integration of the time in order to respect the time frame, the improvement of the sensor, the acoustics, the use of wood on some models, all this evolves as we go along.


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stethoscop electronic biodynamic


For APPACH’s wooden boxes sold individually.


stethoscop electronic biodynamic



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stéthoscope électronique biodynamique







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electronic stethoscop biodynamic
Each APPACH (Biodynamic electronic stethoscope) is unique, made in France, for you, by hand and guaranteed.
Cada APPACH (estetoscopio electrónico
Biodinámico) es único, fabricado en Francia, para usted, a mano y garantizado.
Ogni APPACH (stetoscopio elettronico Biodinamico) è unico, fatto in Francia, per voi, a mano e garantito.
Jedes APPACH (Biodynamisches elektronisches Stethoskop) ist ein in Frankreich für Sie hergestelltes, handgefertigtes Unikat mit einer Garantie.
Elke APPACH (Biodynamische elektronische stethoscoop) is uniek, gemaakt in Frankrijk, voor u, met de hand en gegarandeerd.
Cada APPACH (estetoscópio eletrônico 
Biodinâmico) é único, feito na França, para você, à mão e garantido.
Chaque APPACH (stéthoscope électronique Biodynamique) est unique, fabriqué en France, pour vous, à la main et garanti.